Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anyways... Here's a bit about myself.

As you can probably tell, my name is Aeron. I run a workout shop with my mother, who is near 60 years old and still going strong, and have three kids. Two of them are twins :)
My ex husband tried taking the boys out fishing today. But it was really windy, I heard the wind blew all their fishing stuff, the chairs, the snacks, and their pop into the water. Their fishing session lasted a whole 15 minutes, and grabbing stuff out of the water took about 45. ;)
I gotta start taking the kids to school every day once it starts. That'll be an adventure.

Have we forgotten how to have fun?

Every day, billions of people continue their lives, doing the same old thing, again and again each day, for years and years on end. At this point, is it safe to say that we've forgotten exactly what it felt like when we were younger? You know, the days of summer vacation, where we had absolutely no responsibilities. Our parents payed for the bills and fed us... We didn't have jobs... We didn't have school... the worst we'd have to put up with was chores, or some sort of drama that went on in your life. Otherwise, we were free to simply have fun.
Don't you miss those carefree days?

Well, I do what I can to keep things like the way they were 10 years ago. There may be too many bindings in today's society to keep somebody carefree, and I certainly have too many responsibilities to do whatever I please, but that doesn't stop me from doing something exciting every day. It doesn't stop you from making each sunrise and sundown an adventure.
We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.